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In all fields of social life, gift procurement has become one of the important tasks of the procurement or reception departments of enterprises and institutions. How to procure gifts correctly? Next, from the perspective of the purchaser, the supplier, the product point of view to elaborate the procurement of gifts to pay attention to:
First, pay attention to the theme of activities.
Gifts are the common carriers of the use value and spiritual value. To endow the spiritual value of gifts correctly, we must grasp the theme of unit activities. For example, a university student graduation ceremony in Nanjing, the school wants to buy a number of gifts to the students who are leaving school, hope that they will not forget their alma mater after graduation, encourage them to keep forging ahead. The procurement was conducted by the school-run director Zhu, who conveyed a clear theme to the co-operative gift suppliers. Many gift suppliers then offered solutions based on this. After discussion and selection, the German STONE nail clippers recommended by one of the suppliers won the competition, because they were given gifts by the school's owners. The recommended reason for nail clippers design is: "decorate yourself, carve your life". The students were moved by the school's moral gifts, and the principal appreciated the work of Director Zhu. Therefore, in order to purchase the most appropriate gifts, we must accurately grasp and convey the theme of the event.
Second, pay attention to the procurement of gift budgets.
Each gift purchase plan often has a specific budget. Purchasers must choose gifts carefully according to the budget. Otherwise, even if you choose your favorite gift, if the budget is insufficient, you can only sigh helplessly and waste time and energy. Of course, in some cases, in order to achieve the best results of the activities, the selected gifts beyond the budget, the purchaser should learn to upward and downward two-way public relations, upward leadership to increase the cost budget, downward request suppliers to reduce prices, two-way simultaneous, and strive to reach a consensus.
Third, we should pay attention to the gift planning ability of the suppliers.
When purchasing gifts, the selected supplier should be able to give a gift planning plan that meets the requirements of the event. The previous mention of gifts is not only the bearer of material value, but also the bearer of spiritual value. How to endow and how to endow the spiritual value of gifts is decided by the supplier's planning ability, so it is the first condition to select the gifts supplier. Gift planning program can not only endow the spiritual value of gifts but also act as a silent speaker. The purchaser determines a gift planning program and then transfers it to the leader. Without further introduction and persuasion from the purchaser, the purchaser can make a judgment on the program. If the leader also thinks that the program is in line with the theme of the event, not only will it I have a deep understanding of the importance of gifts and appreciate the seriousness and responsibility of the purchasing staff. In addition, procurement in any enterprise is a highly concerned position, through the program to determine the gift purchase order, with the signature of the supervisor, you can avoid a lot of gossip.
Fourth, the choice of integral gifts should be branded, practical and hot.
Most of the people who are keen on the exchange of credit card points gifts in the telecommunications industry are young white-collar workers. They have good incomes, are young and fashionable, are energetic, are keen on sports and outdoor activities, and like new and unique products. The recommended gifts for this group should be mainly sports products or outdoor activities. I have occasionally come into contact with a sports brand named Panneng, from the concept of the product, design, details and so on, I am amazed, love. The reason why Panneng outdoor sports products in Hong Kong are purchased as points by many units is that the product design caters to the young white-collar workers'pursuit of sports, health and fashion.
Fifth, meeting and business gifts should pay attention to small size, excellent quality, good packaging and commemorative significance.
Business gifts are mainly given to important customers, middle and high-end customers or leaders of the company. This group of people is characterized by high income, high quality, attention to image, pay attention to life taste, concern for emotional needs. In addition, this group of people travel more, so should choose high-end brand gifts, especially with additional High value, small size, portable high-end personal care series, portable business series, high quality thermos cup series is the best solution. I have been engaged in gift purchasing for many years, and I would like to recommend to all my colleagues the products from the German Stern Personal Care Series and the American Aoshi Cup Series. Because these products have been well appraised in terms of brand influence, product quality and recipient's reputation. At the same time, it can also express the love and care for the recipient's personal work and life.
Now, more and more enterprises have realized the gifts in social interaction, corporate management, product promotion process and the enormous role and widely used, and in the gifts procurement position of your choice will have a huge impact. Choice is more important than hard work, as long as you find the other way, flexible use, you can purchase brand gifts to meet the requirements of the enterprise, and make a significant contribution to the development of the enterprise!
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